As the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, people become more active outdoors. Here are a few important TIPS for your personal safety going into the warmer season.

  1. If you carry a wallet, always carry it in a front pocket. Avoid using your back pocket. Don’t be a target to be pick pocketed.
  2. Always walk, jog, or run in well-lit, high-traffic areas…even during daytime hours. Never take shortcuts through parking lots or alleys. Avoid parks at dusk
  3. When walking on a sidewalk near a street, always walk facing the traffic. Avoid being surprised by someone in a vehicle.
  4. If someone is walking behind you or approaching you and you are unsure of their intent, make direct eye contact with them, to let the person know that you are aware, you see them, and you will not be a victim. Observe and make a mental note of their distinct facial features. i.e. hair color & length, eye color, beard, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  5. If you think you are being followed, abruptly switch directions or walk into a police station, fire station, hospital, business or public place and ask for help.
  6. In your cell phone contacts, program “ICE,” which stands for “in case of emergency,” linking it to a family member or friend…someone you trust to call the police, firemen or other authorities to call if you are unable to call for yourself.
  7. Always Program 9-1-1 into your direct dial feature of your cell phone.
  8. Remember that talking on your cell phone or listening to headphones in public makes you easy prey to criminals. Always leave one ear open to hear what’s going on around you, to be able to react when needed.
  9. Change your walking and/or exercise routine! Plan different routes with landmarked, “safe places” you could go in the event something happens.
  10. When approaching your residence or vehicle, never fumble in your pocket, purse or bag for keys; have them in your hand prior to reaching the door.
  11. When approaching your parked car, do not unlock the doors right away. Pass the vehicle and come back.  Look and make sure no one is hiding in or around your vehicle, especially in the back seat before you get in the vehicle.
  12. When using public transportation, cover your jewelry. Turn stone rings toward the palm side of your hand.
  13. Always keep your space: intimate space is 0 to 1.5 feet, personal space is 1.5 to 4 feet, social space is 4 to 12 feet, and public space is 12 feet or more.