Patrol Services

PSA offers vehicle patrol 24 hours a day every day of the week. Our Trained Patrol Officers will conduct random checks of your property in addition to responding to calls for service. Our patrol vehicles are clearly marked and driven by patrol staff.  In addition to acting as a visual deterrent, our patrol officers are well versed to handle any situation.

 We offer, Marked, Low Profile, or Unmarked, Patrol vehicles… All are equipped with emergency lights, communications equipment (radio), and technology for report writing and dispatch. In the event of an incident, clients are notified immediately of any incident that occurs on your property. Officers produce reports in the field immediately after an incident is taken care of, while the information is still fresh on their minds.  Opposed to waiting to return to the office, increasing the chance of mistaking details.  All reports are reviewed by our investigators and sent electronically to the client.

PSA Has many patrol packages.  Our Clients can choose the number times an officer checks your property in a 24-hour period.  All of our patrol packages include 24-hour dispatch access.

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