What makes PSA different from the rest?
We give each of our clients a custom-built assessment to provide them a service that best fits their business and/or security needs.

How do we do that?
With over 20 years of experience in the business, the owners themselves, take the time to learn what our client’s venue is looking for, and we adapt. We hand pick the best staff possible to fit each venue differently. From hospitality to professionalism all of our staff is trained to an extremely high standard to provide the best quality possible. Whether it is residential, commercial, nightlife, or special event, there is no question that we are the security service provider that you deserve to represent, protect and serve your business.


This letter comes as a strong recommendation for Phil Fogarty as a Business Partner. Phil and I worked together for several businesses for over a decade. Phil is driven by the key metrics of his business as well as partnering businesses. Phil’s strategic planning combined with work ethic has proven to provide consistent results for my businesses.
I found Phil to be the most reliable business partner. Phil was always engaged and communicative in discussing ways to solve company problems and innovations to advance profits. Phil is driven to succeed, leads by example, and demonstrates professional integrity in working with clients, vendors and with my team. 
If you take on Phil as your business partner you will find great success. I would be more than happy to give you more details if you would like. Please email me at dmm1234@earthlink.net

Dean Marsh

Senior Market Operator, Eatsa

I have worked with Phil for over ten years. He is a pleasure to work with not only because of his demeanor but also because he is pragmatic in his approach. His company delivers services in a professional manner to assure the safety of the public and to make sure the event is enjoyable and safe. Knowing PSA is in charge of security and Phil and his partners are on the job, gives peace of mind. In addition, Phil is a team player, he works cooperatively with the police, the event planners, the government, the fire department, and ambulance company. His goal is for the safest, best outcome for the client, and that is what you need from security professional. I highly recommend Phil and his company.

Marian Russo

Executive Director , Patchogue Villeage

I have known, and worked with Phil Fogarty for over 15 years. I originally, hired his security firm at a 12,000 sq foot night club I owned, after the prior company was unable to properly handle the job. From the first day he demonstrated himself to be honest, hardworking, and driven to produce exceptional results for his clients. Hiring Phil, and his firm was one of the best things I did when I owned the night club. As a result of my positive experiences with him I subsequently hired him to handle security, at a similar size sports bar/ concert venue, a task which he performed equally well at. Additionally, as an attorney our firm has hired his company to handle security at client properties, and perform executive protection for clients. I can without exception recommend Mr. Fogarty to anyone who is in need of professional security services. William M Mason, Esq.

Bill Mason

Attorney , Mason and Mason PC