Celebrity & Executive Protection

For our celebrity and executive protection clients, PSA Security & Consulting maintains a highly-trained staff comprised of former military, Coast Guard, law enforcement and Navy SEAL veterans.

To ensure our clients are safe from any threat that may present itself, our unit has advanced training from former members of Homeland Security, FLETC instructors, Coast Guard, NYPD and the United States Secret Service.

High-Level Executive Protection

Since celebrities sometimes receive threats, we aim to minimize risk and provide a safe, secure working and living environment. Whether clients prefer permanent or short-term security, our trained specialists are prepared to meet and exceed a wide range of personal protection challenges, wherever and whenever they are needed.

We also utilize a wide variety of proactive measures, such as video surveillance, a personal security detail and extensive preparation and planning to neutralize all potential risks before they materialize.

Throughout our years of providing high-level protection, we have had the opportunity to secure the following types of individuals:

  • Celebrities
  • Executives/CEO’s
  • Foreign dignitaries
  • Government officials
  • High net-worth individuals

Vehicles for transport are also available upon request.

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