Commercial Security

Mobil Patrol, Firewatch, CCTV, or Foot surveillance.  PSA provides Professional Security Services for all industries & markets, in various fields.  Although we offer a standard uniform, we understand & promote the importance of of our clinets brand equity.

Every client is offered the option to customize the Guard Uniform worn on duty to accommodate your Brand as well as ours, providing a partnered appearence to the public while our guard is protecting your assets.  With experience in all sectors we always provide the best quality Security. 

When PSA is on site, you can be confident you have nothing to worry about. All of your security demands are absolutely accommodated, we always exceed the expectation.

All guards are subject to regular background checks, drug screening, and continuous training. These are just a few of our quality control protocols that ensure our quality of service.

All security guards are trained for all environments and can handle any challenge they may face during a tour of duty.  PSA Guards, Detect, deter & report, all activity & crimes like vandalism, theft & trespassing, during every tour of duty.  We check to be sure all entrances and exits are secure, and report any issue such as damaged doors or non-illuminated lights to the client to assist in maintaining the integrity of your facilities appearance. 

PSA Guards verify identification of all visitors & guests.  We greet & direct customers as needed.  PSA protects your business, property, employees & customers by providing a SAFE environment for your properties. Whether you request Armed or Unarmed Security Guards, Uniformed or Plain-Clothed, 

PSA is Always, The Safer Choice!


The number one complaint in the security guard industry for this type of service is, “We caught the guard sleeping.”


Contact us now to learn more  about our innovative solutions and integration of technology that completely halted these behaviors & what PSA can offer!