One would think that in a building full of other units, their apartment is secure. However, that’s not always the case. Oftentimes, robbers will target apartments, since tenants tend to ignore security measures altogether. Some people will even leave their front door unlocked at all times! This isn’t the best idea. To ensure your property is always safe, utilize these handy apartment security tips.

Apartment Security Advice for the Common Renter

Upgrading Locks

New apartments usually come with standard locks like a knob or lever-handle lock and a deadbolt. Unfortunately though, these type of locks aren’t always enough to ward off would-be intruders. Therefore, it’s a good idea to upgrade them when moving into a new place.

For that extra level of security, install a double-cylinder deadbolt or a mortise lock. Not to mention, digital or smart locks are a solid idea if you have multiple roommates. No matter what type of lock you choose, use it. It should go without saying but, believe it or not, most burglars enter through unlocked doors.

Apartment Security

Protect Important Valuables

Sometimes, there isn’t much you can do to prevent a break-in. However, you can make sure that your most important valuables never go missing.

Try getting a safety deposit box in a bank or post office to safeguard family heirlooms, your social security card and any other valuables. If you’d rather keep your items closer to home, buy a safe for your apartment.

Apartment Security

A Complete Security System

If you don’t have an apartment security or surveillance system already, it might time to think about getting one. Consult your landlord to explore all potential options for installing these gadgets in your unit, or maybe even the entire building.

These days, there are plenty of security and surveillance systems compatible with mobile devices for that extra peace of mind while away from home.

Meet the Neighbors

Some people in apartments tend to ignore their neighbors altogether. However, for optimal apartment security, it’s best to get to know them. That way, if there’s any suspicious activity or someone is around who doesn’t belong, you will be able to properly alert each other.

Apartment Security

Stay Private

In an age when people broadcast their entire life over social media, it’s best to keep plans offline when you’re away from home. For instance, sometimes robbers will use social media to determine when people will be on vacation before breaking in.

To ensure you’re never targeted, keep that stuff to yourself. You’ll have plenty of time to post vacation photos when you get back!

Your apartment security should never be ignored. To adequately safeguard yourself from potential intruders, utilize these helpful tips.