These days, it isn’t uncommon to hear of global corporations falling prey to hackers. And, if companies with big security departments and protocols are being exposed, what hope is there for small businesses? Well, if you follow the right rules and implement the proper practices, you should be safe. Start by checking out these basic cyber security tips.

Shield your Company from Hackers with these Cyber Security Tips

Strengthen your Password

This one may go without saying, but you should always use passwords on computer networks and programs. However, you must make sure that you adhere to the proper rules of password protection.

For instance, for maximum strength, use a diverse mix of characters and don’t ever use the same password for different things. Some people also like to make them long and random with an eclectic mix of uppercase and lower case letters, as well as special characters.

Not to mention, it’s also smart to switch your password up every once in a while. If you want an extra level of protection and authentication, you may even want to implement multiple step logins.


Secure your Network

A list of cyber security tips would be incomplete without first advising businesses to completely secure their network. With technology like firewalls and encryption, there are many different methods to hacker-proof your entire company network.

If you have a Wi-Fi network, you may want to make sure it’s hidden as well. When all of these tips are put in use, you should be equipped to ward off and prevent any potential cyber-attacks.


Train your Staff

No matter how many cyber security tips you implement, you still must train employees to be mindful of attacks. Believe it or not, many attacks come from companies’ employees inadvertently clicking on a spam email or providing information to the wrong source.

Therefore, ensure that your staff knows how to detect suspicious activity and phishing, as well recognize which information they shouldn’t share. Cyber security assessments and training exercises can sometimes help you achieve this goal.


Hack Yourself

This may seem out there, but some companies hire consultants or IT specialists to actually hack into their network. This practice helps highlight vulnerabilities and areas of concern in order to remedy them to prevent future attacks. Once you make the appropriate changes, you, your network and your clients will be better protected.

These basic cyber security tips are a great place to start if you’re looking to protect your company and its network.