Unfortunately, the world we live in isn’t always the safest place. You can have as many security guards as you want—but crime and mischief are always evolving. For that reason, professional security technology is constantly changing to confront and prevent these threats in real time. That’s why we have compiled a list of up-to-date innovations to help you stay in the know.

Advanced Security Technology and Gadgets to Look Out for


Back in 2014, PSA first launched their drone trials. This cutting-edge security technology helped us discover that drones can be used to locate weaknesses or vulnerabilities that are not initially noticed.

From crowd size to behavior monitoring, the unique aerial point-of-view of drones is unmatched. In 2015, the Suffolk County Police Department even started setting up remote viewing stations at our events. The goal was to enhance response time and safety in the case of a threat.

In the future, we will see vast improvements in drones’ ability to inspect perimeters and capture situations in real-time. Keep an eye out for how PSA’s drone services are affected by these changes.

Security Technology

Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence, otherwise known as machine learning, has risen to the forefront of the security industry. For instance, nationwide retailers have been using artificial intelligence to understand the variables associated with loss prevention and shoplifting.

Furthermore, this technology has also begun successfully scanning groups to detect faces, examine emotions and create an analysis of the group. It can be especially useful for security guards managing crowds and events.

Not to mention, there are plenty of opportunities for artificial intelligence in security guard training. Basically, the potential of this security technology is endless—so expect tons more innovation.

Security Technology


Granted this one may be a bit further down the line, but robotics have begun to be utilized in the industry. Security companies have begun to develop autonomous robots to patrol events, homes and even city streets.

This advanced specimens are also equipped with state-of-the-art security technology, such as:

  • Thermal imaging
  • 360-degree video
  • Sensors
  • Laser scanning

The idea is that these robots can be used to assist human security guards and patrol hard-to-reach areas or situations. There are bound to be bumps along the way, but robots will soon be able to enhance security and safety in most areas.

Security Technology

The future of the security technology is fairly unpredictable. However, it’s a safe bet that these innovations will be leading the charge!