Hospitality is the first opportunity that an establishment has to impress and create a lasting, positive impact on a client, guest or customer. However, many vendors in the restaurant and nightlife industry claim to focus on hospitality training when they don’t even know what it is or how to train for it.

What is Hospitality Training?

The Importance

A security officer that is occupying the role of host or greeter is directly connected to a customer’s experience at a restaurant, guest check-in, or event space. That experience will be positive, mediocre or negative—so which one do you want? That’s where hospitality training comes in handy.

Hospitality Training

Often, a security officer is the first and last contact that a customer has at a venue. That interaction will inevitably play a role in that customer’s experience at a venue, as well as the probability that they will return.

Many times it can simply come down to a quick “hello” or “goodbye,” as well as the way it’s delivered. By promoting these friendly interactions, guards can create a comradery with the guests, which can go a long way towards deterring potential issues.

If a partygoer drinks too much, things can get out of hand quickly. That’s why a guard that is well-trained in hospitality will also be able to detect when a guest has been overserved. By spotting these warning signs and acting on them in advance, security will be able to avert all conflicts that stem from excessive alcohol consumption.

Hospitality Training

The Effect

When it comes to nightlife and event security, the demand is equally high for safety and security as it is for hospitality. A single act of crime can irreversibly tarnish a business’s reputation. A well-trained security officer deters crime from occurring, but hospitality training should always be a focus.

Whether you’re a private security company or a proprietor hiring your own staff, always strive to build a top-notch team. Take the necessary time to train the staff in all hospitality situations and make sure that they know the business inside and out. Besides, it always helps to put emphasis on the highest level of customer service.

Hospitality Training

Your security officer’s interaction with your customers must always be a positive experience. By doing so, you are greatly increasing the probability of your customer returning.

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